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Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline

Mozambique tourmalines with vivid blue-green color, yellowish green, blue to violet-blue hues, or purple colors were traded with opened high prices. As these tourmalines colored by copper similar to the Brazilian Paraiba.

The first claim of Mozambique Paraiba tourmaline was in 2003. After then Mozambique has electrified the gem trade for the new find of Paraiba tourmaline with quite substantial quantity. These tourmalines commonly contain copper and manganese which are the common traits found in Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil.

Mozambique Paraiba tourmaline

Mozambique Paraiba tourmaline. Photo by

Copper bearing tourmaline

Copper bearing tourmaline is the marketed name for blue elbaite tourmaline, blue green elbaite tourmaline, green elbaite tourmaline, and pink elbaite tourmalinefrom the recent finds in Nigeria and Mozambique. These tourmalines have vivid and saturated colors of neon blue, neon blue green which resembled to colors of Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil. In fact, the vivid electric colors of the tourmalines caused from two trace elements, copper and manganese. In mineralogy, this variety of tourmaline has named “Cuprian – Elbaite Tourmaline”.

copper bearing tourmaline

The top left sample weighs 5.50 ct - Joe Menzie. The 4 oval large samples range from 2.75 ct to 4.21 ct - Rick Krementz. The small samples range from 0.07 to 0.92 - F. Bank of Gebr. Bank, Idar-Oberstein. Photo Min Htut, AGTA-GTC

Madagascar Tourmaline

Madagascar tourmalines were extracted from the area of Sakavalana. Dark Red tourmaline was mined in the Antsongombato region, and Carving-quality tourmaline was produced in Fianarantsoa State in central Madagascar.

Zambia Tourmaline

Zambia has been the most important source of gem quality yellow tourmaline since 1983. Yellow tourmaline has been found in colors ranging form yellow-green to yellow to orange and brown. The beautiful vivid yellow color is marketed as “canary tourmaline” and is very well-accepted in Japan market. However, most of the tourmaline in bright yellow “golden” or canary color is heat treated and available in less than 1 ct size.

Namibia Tourmaline

Tourmaline from Namibia is available to the gem trade over 80 years. Most of tourmalines produced from the mines near Usakos, Northwest of Namibia. Tourmalines from this area are blue, green tourmaline, blue green tourmaline. Namibia Tourmaline crystals tend to be large and have good clarity but rather deep tone colors.

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