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Neon Emerald-Green Tourmaline 9.42ct

Neon Emerald-Green Tourmaline 9.42ct  
Item No:   GT06EM0942
Wholesale Price:  $2,500.00
Our Price:  $1,175.00
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Gem Information
Neon Emerald-Green Tourmaline

Weight(CTS) : 9.42 cts
Size(MM) : 10.75 mm x 10.4 mm
Depth(MM) : 9.1 mm
Shape : Emerald/Octagon
Color : Neon Emerald-Green
Clarity : VVS1-FL, Absolutely Eye Clean
Sparkle : Excellent
Origin : Nigeria
Moh's Hardness: : 7.5


BrilliantGems Comment:

This is a show piece stone. A truly magnificent piece of finest quality Green Tourmaline. This gemstone is strikingly beautiful and really something special. It exhibits all of the beauty similar to that of finest emerald. If you are looking for a saturated green gemstone, this one is for you. Neon emerald-green color - perfectly saturated throughout the gem, fiery and very lively. The cutting is fantastic and the luster is excellent. This is A Real Treasure. Extremely rare to see a big and elegant tourmaline with this quality color, cut and clarity! A Worthy Collectible Gem!

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